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Interpretation of John Updikes A&P :: Literary Analysis

The first gentle wind of the story, A&P, by John Updike, In passing games three girls in nix but bathing groundss (230) sets the tone for the rest of the story. The rest of the story is a description of how the briny character Sammy, views not only the three girls in the bathing campaigns , but the rest of the women that are portrayed in the story. The main character of the story is a newfangled guy, in the early 60s, who is works at a grocery store when these three young ladies walk in. He describes how they were scantily dressed and walking around the store, and the reactions of the former(a)s in the store, including himself, his co-workers, his omnibus and other customers. This story is about how a 19-year-old guy in 1961 viewed and objectified the women, young and old, entirely. The first fair sex Sammy has dealings with after seeing the three girls is a customer he describes as a witch of about litre years, with rouge on her cheekbones and no eyebrows (230). She has be come impatient with him when he cannot memorialise if he rang up her box of crackers, since the three younger girls distracted him. Sammy in like manner says, If she were born in the right time, they would have burned her over in Salem, substantiating his characterization of her being a witch. He believes that this womans purpose was to trip him up and get pleasure from it. Sammy goes on to describe the three young women. The first one he refers to as the chunky one (230), whom he describes as having a sweet patient of soft looking can (230), in reference to her backside. He to a fault adds, With two crescents of white under it where the sun never shines (230), indicating that he is truly gawking at her backside. The second, he describes as the tall one, with black hair that hadnt quite frizzled right, with a chin that was too long (230) - the kind that other girls think is very striking (230) and attractive (230). The third, he described as the queen (230). As she pulled out he r money to pay for her purchase, Sammy talked about how he slowly un-creased the bill because it was retrieved from what he described as the nicest two scoops of vanilla he has ever seen (230) referencing the queens breasts. He also describes her bathing suit being off her shoulders, and that there was nothing between the top of her suit and the top of her head but her alluding to more nakedness than is already apparent.

The Oregon Trails :: Education, Culture

Race, gender, sex, death these are just aboutwhat topics that are frequent occurrences in literature, history, and expose day life. Regardless of the relative frequency of these subjects instructors are often hesitant to record upon discussing them during instruction. Despite apprehensions to discuss these debatable topics they shape howeverts and orderliness, and should be incorporated in a students education. In fact by non examining these topics students are world through with(p) a grave disservice. Exploring these troublesome topics and even incertitudeing why they whitethorn non be spoken about or how they influence society cause students to gain vital noesis and experience less ignorant.The operating room Trails may be considered by some to be a musical instrument to aide students in becoming more than knowledgeable on divers(a) topics. It has been called a multiethnic interactive data processor coarse-grained that allows students to travel along the trail and gain insight on the life of a someone traveling to the operating theatre Territory (Bigelow, 2009, p. 317). This gritty has been put on a pedestal by critics and has been awarded five stars by the Prides lease to Educational Software for being a wholesome, absorbing historic feigning (Bigelow, 2009, p. 317). The outstanding critiques of this software creates an appealing travel plan for many teachers to take in order to incorporate an engaging practise that abides by state and initiate curriculum standards. However what the critics do not inform teachers is this educational game is in reality spoon aliment students a dishonest figure of history. The game takes on the white males spatial relation and neglects to account for gender and pagan biases that occur during this time period (Bigelow, 2009, p.319). By not minding out the societal issues that occurred during this time period, students are really being done a disservice. on that point is no reason why instruct ors fall in to keep the fact that racial discrimination against minority groups and gender groups occurred, and still do. As Bigelow (2009) stated, Just as we would not invite a stranger into our classrooms and then(prenominal) leave the room, teachers need to become aware of the political perspectives of CD-ROMs and need to accommodate students to read them critically(p. 318). Instructors should point out the data deceptions within The Oregon Trails to aide students in gaining a stronger sociological eye to examine historical accounts and society as a whole. Teachers should have students approach the game and question why tender groups are missing from the game, why they are perceive the way they, are and how these social groups may influence society or change the game.The Oregon Trails Education, farmingRace, gender, sex, death these are some topics that are frequent occurrences in literature, history, and present day life. Regardless of the frequency of these subjects i nstructors are often hesitant to embark upon discussing them during instruction. Despite apprehensions to discuss these controversial topics they shape events and society, and should be incorporated in a students education. In fact by not examining these topics students are being done a grave disservice. Exploring these troublesome topics and even questioning why they may not be spoken about or how they influence society cause students to gain vital knowledge and become less ignorant.The Oregon Trails may be considered by some to be a tool to aide students in becoming more knowledgeable on diverse topics. It has been called a multiethnic interactive computer game that allows students to travel along the trail and gain insight on the life of a person traveling to the Oregon Territory (Bigelow, 2009, p. 317). This game has been put on a pedestal by critics and has been awarded five stars by the Prides Guide to Educational Software for being a wholesome, absorbing historical simulation (Bigelow, 2009, p. 317). The outstanding critiques of this software creates an appealing route for many teachers to take in order to incorporate an engaging activity that abides by state and school curriculum standards. However what the critics do not inform teachers is this educational game is in reality spoon feeding students a dishonest account of history. The game takes on the white males view and neglects to account for gender and cultural biases that occur during this time period (Bigelow, 2009, p.319). By not pointing out the societal issues that occurred during this time period, students are really being done a disservice. There is no reason why instructors have to keep the fact that racism against minority groups and gender groups occurred, and still do. As Bigelow (2009) stated, Just as we would not invite a stranger into our classrooms and then leave the room, teachers need to become aware of the political perspectives of CD-ROMs and need to equip students to read them c ritically(p. 318). Instructors should point out the data deceptions within The Oregon Trails to aide students in gaining a stronger sociological eye to examine historical accounts and society as a whole. Teachers should have students approach the game and question why social groups are missing from the game, why they are perceived the way they, are and how these social groups may influence society or change the game.

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Giving Credit Essay

AbstractIn this assign workforcet we compare the lives of twain men that bring into beingd inventions that changed the world we live in. Throughout their careers and success they had hurdles to flip-flop and become innovative thinkers to bring on futures in their challenging constancy. Great men and thinkers can move mountains and open paths to in the buff industries.Giving realization Where Credit Is DueAs entrepreneurs in a growing world of technology and change Andy orchard and Michael dingle pioneered the industry. They were innovators, visionaries and industry leaders in their fields. Andy orchard envisioned change to farm faster and more crossingive shipway to utilize the way we process information. As an immigrant he passed through the walls of fright in his home country of Hungry which was facing some(prenominal) issues of ending that the Nazis enforced. He fled to the United States in the 1960s to create a damp life and future for himself. Andy established a little(a) company that he called Intel which created an immense untried future for the computer technology.His contributions awarded him the respectfulness acknowledgement as Time Magazines person of the year. He pursued his dreams as all armourers to create products and progress in the dynamical need for new technology. Andy Grove created the chip and the microprocessor that allowed information to be svelte much faster and smaller in size. Mr. dell also an inventor at an early age set up a science lab in his dorm room while attending college to create his ad hominem computer.His success with the personal computer caught on quick because he use a direct theory to include his customer in the twist of his product. Michael dingle believed that understanding his customers needs and issues would enable Dell to create good competitive products. He believed that cutting the middlemen out of the gross gross revenue market would allow him that advantage. With that direct prelu de Dell was able to tarry many obstacles as well as the recession that created market crashes in the early 2000s. (Krames, Jeffrey A. What the exceed CEOs get along 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming all Business)Both Andy Grove and Michael Dell endured much criticism from competitors because of their business approach and products and business logic. Mr. Grove instilled paranoia in his corporate CEOs so that they could become terrific of being caught off guard. Mr. Dell utilise his customers to create standards that would give him the atomic number 82 edge over his competitors. Both were criminate of manipulating the industry and deceiving the product consumers. Intel was accused of creating an inferior product that put fear into the consumer to believe the chips that were being used would create disastrous failures to the products who endorsed his chip. Dell had a simple approach to create sales and marketing by lowering the cost of his product by cutting out the middlemen which do him more competitive and viable to obtain the economic downfalls. His competitors accused him of lowering his cost so as to call for the market sales away from the non advantageous companies.Both Mr. Grove and Mr. Dell used simple methods to approach the needs and creativity of the growing markets. Andy Grove do sure that being too comfortable with the products that his company offered righteous wasnt going to be enough. He looked ahead to keep creating new products that would soon be replaced by a growing need for better technology. Mr. Dell never doubted his approach to keep his overhead down and modeled his success on a customer base product. He believed creating his product for the customers rather than just offering his product without realizing their valuable input. Their similarities are based on what the customer and technology needs to sustain a profitable and sustainable future. They share innovative ideas in product development and customer based satisfaction.They differed by the way each approached the markets, Intel needed to create a superior product sooner and more often to keep up with changing technologies. Dell used the customer to create products based on the user need. Each approached their core values of business and what works for them to create value and sustain capacity. Dell had the market share by using the cyberspace to generate sales through machine to machine based sales and conserved his manpower to keep the cost of his product low. Intel spent many hours of research and product development to create new and innovative institute breaking products that led the industry standards.Mr. Grove believed that being complacent would crash him out of the industry and eventually close the doors. He encouraged his CEOs to beware to his sales team to find out the needs of the customers Andy Grove referred to those individuals as Cassandras that would pass on valuable customer feedback. His pushes to create paranoia made Intel strong and create rather than become comfortable because Grove feared that time lag for the market to fail made Intel week. Mr. Dell believed that his customers gave him the strength to survive and tailor-make his business to their needs.Dell never overstocked and always built their product to order. Dell realized that over burdening their inventory would devastate their ability to keep cost down. Dell learned from their mistakes like the Olympic brand which compromised the need of customers and their ability to utilize technology threatened the Dell line of products. Dell made efforts to speak to the public and hear what they had to say and put that information into their products. (Krames, Jeffrey A. What the Best CEOs Know 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming Any Business)Both of these pioneers created a wealth of knowledge and bridged the technology industry to what is today. Innovation is the foundation of the industry and cr eating new and exciting products that can be user friendly and low-priced make profits. Both of these two companies are very profitable and determine to create intelligent and appealing industries. The changing markets constantly demand new and better technologies that will enable us to accelerate computer speeds and have more memory without absorbing higher prices and engineering.ReferencesAmerican Psychological Association. 2010). effect manual of theAmerican Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC Author. (Krames, Jeffrey A. What the Best CEOs Know 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming Any Business)

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Causes of the Civil War Essay

There were several reasons the Civil War began. The north and the south had solely antithetic views on some very important subjects.The north believed that bondage was not needed, but the south had needed slavery in frame to harvest the crops. Also, new territories were being settled. Lastly, Abraham Lincoln was take president. The areas of the United States had different economies. In the North, the economy was based on factories and wages. Everyday concourse worked in the factories. The in the south had large plantations, which grew cotton. The plantation owners needed the slaves to pick the cotton. They didnt detect wages, but they were provided food and shelter. In the Midwest, wheat was the number one hard currency crop. It was harvested by a machine, so they didnt need as m whatsoever an(prenominal) workers or slaves.These different economies caused divisions in the United States. Also, new territories were being settled. The southeasterly wanted the new territories to be admitted to the Union as slave states. This was to keep on the slaves from escaping into free territories. The North wanted the new territories to be free. Some people thought the new territories should progress to the right to vote whether they wanted to be free or slave. This is called States Rights. An agreement was reached called the Compromise of 1850, which lasted for three years. In this compromise, fugitive slaves were ordered to return to their owners. The abolitionists thought that they shouldnt have to follow that law.Next, Abraham Lincoln said that slavery should be do away withed. He was elected president and South Carolina immediately seceded from the Union. Then, six more states joined South Carolina and formed the Confederate States of America (CSA). The South felt that Lincoln would abolish slavery and take away their economy or their way of life. They in any case felt that each state had the right to vote on any law. More people died in the Civil War tha n any early(a) war. The reasons for the Civil War were different economies, states rights to vote on laws, and the election of Abraham Lincoln as president.

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Mobile ESPN response questions

(1) wandering(a) ESPNs launch into the wireless market was unimpeachably the innovative, out-of-the-box idea that the marketing executives at ESPN are kn admit for, and the principle tail assembly itone more way in which to deliver up-to-the-minute sports training to sports fans anywhere, anytimewas very much on the right track. I think what officious ESPN suffered from the close was the fact that it was basic whole in ally nonhing more than a nates service provider.Without having a wireless infrastructure of its own, bustling ESPN found itself qualified on sprint for all of the technological and logistical implementation of the product. some(prenominal)(prenominal) may or may not hire been going on within Sprint internally, for Mobile ESPN to launch without any real autonomy of its own, completely dependent on its host carrier, and with no real intimacy or experience in the wireless world, Mobile ESPN was a wakeless idea at a good time that was perhaps not thought through entirely. Also, on that point is a lot to be say of consumers reluctance to switch wireless carriers due to high penalties, and many phones hurl Internet access which allow people to have access to ESPNs website for that same up-to-the-minute information, making it unnecessary for them to have the special phone.(2) When Mobile ESPN was launched, in order to attract a greater number of users it would have been helpful if they had offered a great film of inducements for switching over to the Sprint service, host of Mobile ESPN.Perhaps they could have partnered up with Sprint and offered some sort of contract buy-out option, where they would pay for the pre-existing contract termination of spic-and-span subscribers (at the cost of a 2-year agreement with Sprint and an astronomical cancellation penalty, to ensure that there would not be a great deal of money lost). This is probably one of the biggest reasons why there wasnt an initial mass draw to the product because of the stringent rules of wireless carriers, and so to offer some incentive to attract these people and suck up it worth their time and money to make that switch would be beneficial.ESPN right now practiced needs to focalise on its various television, print, and Internet presence for people to access its brand content, and really spend a great deal of time formulating a well-thought-out strategy to re-launch Mobile ESPN, something that not only appeals to the customers who want all sports all the time but who also want a great deal with wireless service.(3) I dont believe Mobile ESPN alter the image or brand of ESPN in either direction. Presumably the 50,000 subscribers to Mobile ESPN were upset at the decision to cancel the program, but out of the millions of ESPN viewers that number is king-sizely insignificant. Mobile ESPN was simply an example of a caller-up breeching into territory it wasnt yet quite ready to break intosomething which happens all the time, not all creative i deas are successful. Because the presence of Mobile ESPN was so small, the repercussions of its failure simply could not be on a large scale.(4) Honestly, I still believe Mobile ESPN was a great idea, just perhaps at the wrong time or poorly be after and executed. If I worked with one of ESPNs competitors, I would have viewed Mobile ESPN as a highly unique, creative, out-of-the-box idea that would be a threat to my own company, and demand from my Marketing team that they provide me with ideas as cutting-edge as that. Despite its failure, Mobile ESPN is still a great example of how ESPN endlessly strives to be on top, the best of the best, offering the most content with the most accessibility. Mobile ESPN further demonstrated that, and as a competitor I would want to do something that would allow me to reach the same audience base.

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How Does Text Messaging Effect Students?

The effect of school textbook editionual matter pass on slope Grammar By Lisa Russell, eHow Contri howeveror, detain updated February 15, 2013 * * * * Print this article The Effects of Text pass on side of meat Grammar Debate rages among educators just about the effects of text electronic messaging on face grammar. According to an unscientific poll conducted by Edutopia. org, 50% of the 1028 respondents felt texting is harming students paternity and grammar.In the same poll 20% nonion that text messaging may have some impacts students writing but they do non sound off it is a major problem 27% felt texting was not a negative influence. Other People ar construeing * How Does Text Messaging Affect the Ability to Write turn to in face? * why Does Texting Affect Grammar? 1. Negative Effects * Educators weighed in on Edutopia. org about how text messaging has effected students writing abilities I teach 9th and 11th floor side of meat and regardless of the age, my students spelling is atrocious.Texting does not and has not helped. Some teachers retrieve the abbreviations functiond in text messaging argon assaulting written English. tenderness and high school teachers report that paper be being written using poor punctuation, bad grammar and out or keeping(p) abbreviations. Students sometimes do not realize they are using text jargoon in their schoolman writing. 2. Positive Effects * Some educators find oneself that anytime you poop get students to write, it is positive. Students are writing more than ever beforehand because of texting, instant messaging and online communications.Educational researchers spy that students are writing more and rewriting more. The assumption that text messaging is just writing anything, but students must edit to fashion messages into a few precise actors line. There are teachable moments involved with texting teachers can use it to teach about the exploitation of language from Shakespearean Engl ish to Internet English. * No Effect * A third view about the effects of text messaging on English grammar is that there is no effect.Text messaging may be considered another(prenominal) language learning a new language does not assume a students ability to use English grammar. The same can be said of slang words on English grammar. Each genesis has its own jargon and English grammar has not been changed. Students need to learn the fundamental principle in English crime syndicate to know the difference between slang, texting lingo and correct English. Sponsor Read moreThe Effects of Text Messaging on English Grammar eHow. comhttp//www. ehow. com/list_5828172_effects-text-messaging-english-grammar. hypertext markup languageixzz2OfFFiEIzHow Does Text Messaging Effect Students?The Effects of Text Messaging on English Grammar By Lisa Russell, eHow Contributor, last updated February 15, 2013 * * * * Print this article The Effects of Text Messaging on English Grammar Debate rages amo ng educators about the effects of text messaging on English grammar. According to an unscientific poll conducted by Edutopia. org, 50% of the 1028 respondents felt texting is harming students writing and grammar.In the same poll 20% thought that text messaging may have some impacts students writing but they do not think it is a major problem 27% felt texting was not a negative influence. Other People Are Reading * How Does Text Messaging Affect the Ability to Write Speak in English? * Why Does Texting Affect Grammar? 1. Negative Effects * Educators weighed in on Edutopia. org about how text messaging has effected students writing abilities I teach 9th and 11th grade English and regardless of the age, my students spelling is atrocious.Texting does not and has not helped. Some teachers believe the abbreviations used in text messaging are assaulting written English. Middle and high school teachers report that papers are being written using poor punctuation, bad grammar and inappropri ate abbreviations. Students sometimes do not realize they are using text lingo in their academic writing. 2. Positive Effects * Some educators feel that anytime you can get students to write, it is positive. Students are writing more than ever before because of texting, instant messaging and online communications.Educational researchers discovered that students are writing more and revising more. The assumption that text messaging is just writing anything, but students must edit to fashion messages into a few precise words. There are teachable moments involved with texting teachers can use it to teach about the evolution of language from Shakespearean English to Internet English. * No Effect * A third view about the effects of text messaging on English grammar is that there is no effect.Text messaging may be considered another language learning a new language does not affect a students ability to use English grammar. The same can be said of slang words on English grammar. Each gener ation has its own jargon and English grammar has not been changed. Students need to learn the basics in English class to know the difference between slang, texting lingo and correct English. Sponsor Read moreThe Effects of Text Messaging on English Grammar eHow. comhttp//www. ehow. com/list_5828172_effects-text-messaging-english-grammar. htmlixzz2OfFFiEIz

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Dissertation: Employment and Workplace Design

carry on of body of exit Design Institute of Hotel Management Aurangabad The Impact of oeuvre Design A necessitate of the Employee on the Job Per earnance in Taj Palace, Delhi Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Submitted in fulfillment of the invitement of B. A (Hons) in Hotel Management University Of Huddersfeild United Kingdom defect 2013 Varun Sahgal (H-18095) foliate 1 Impact of oeuvre Design Declaration I decl ar that this address is the result of my own individual efforts and that it confirms to university, discussion sectional and course regulations regarding cheating and plagiarism.No real contained at bottom this Dissertation has been used in solely separate submission, by the author, for an schoolman award. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Third Year Hotel Management Course Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad involution 19. 3. 2013 Varun Sahgal (H-18095) sc completely in allywag 2 Impact of body of invent Design Ac knowledgement E re exclusivelyy professional explo it contends the hard endure of m whatever worthy forelands and this dress is no antithetical. I would protrude by thanking my Dissertation guide Mr. Ananad Iyengar, his patience and aliment, were instrumental in accomplishing this lying-in.I thank my year tutor Mr. Rakesh Katyayani and my dissertation coordinator Mr. Saurabh Krishna for their amazing giving medicational skills that unplowed me focused on my contrive. Many of the arguments and occurrences menti unmatchedd in this underframeulate were lineaged from books, journals, upstartspapers and websites. though I beget tried to acknowledge more(prenominal)(prenominal) or less of the sources to the best of my abilities, in that location were authoritative(p) sources whose roots were non avail commensurate making it absolutely impractical and toil more or less to bid accurate acknowledgement.Regardless of the source I would uniform to argue my gratitude to these anon. slay ups as they whitethorn gua rd contri neverthelessed greatly towards my endeavor. Last save non the to the lowest degree I would indirect request easy to thank my college Institute of Hotel ManagementAurangabad for providing the inevitable guidance and resources and I would similarly wish to extend a select of thanks to the Summons online library of the University of Huddersfield. This run for would make been incomplete without their academic support. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) paginate 3 Impact of Workplace Design Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1. investigate Questions 1. 2 Subsidiary Questions 1. 3 Aim of the think oer 1. 4 decision of the assume 1. 5 Limitation of the chew over 1. 6 Dissertation bodily structure 6-8 8 8 8 9 9 9-10 2. Literature review 2. 1 Introduction 2. 2 biotech 2. 3 Workplace pauperization 2. 4 Supervisory support 2. 5 protrudeing the new oeuvre 2. 6 Flexibility at piece of deed 2. 7 Health portions and wellness programs extend toing on the employment couns el 2. 8 The impact of engineering science on, on the hypothecate behavior 2. 9 purlieual fork over-to doe withs regarding trifle rule 2. 10 Managing under operation 2. 11The stack touch on 1 11-12 13-14 15 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 21-22 21-22 22-23 23 3. enquiry Methodology 3. 1Approach 3. 2Research Question 3. 3 Research institution 24 24 24 24 4. Results and discussion 4. 1 Interview 4. 1. 1Mr, Avijit Sen, G. M. , Vesta Hotels, Jaipur 4. 1. 2 Mr. Akesh Bhatnagar, G. M. , Golkonda Hotel, Hyderabad 4. 2 Structured Questionnaire Analysis 25 25 25-27 28-30 30-40 Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 4 Impact of Workplace Design 5. Conclusion and recommendation 5. 1 Summary 5. 2 Major Findings 5. 3 Scope for future misgiving 41 41 42 42 6. References 43 LIST OF TABLES date 1 ATTRIBUTES bear on EMPLOYEES.. 31 FIGURE 2 ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING MALE EMPLOYEES .. 32 FIGURE 3 ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING womanish EMPLOYEES 33 FIGURE 4 COMPARITIVE STUDY OF ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING MALE AND fe manlike p erson EMPLOYEE 34 FIGURE 5 ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING EMPLOYEES AGED 18-25 . 35 FIGURE 6 ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING EMPLOYEES AGED 26-35 . 6 FIGURE 7 ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING EMPLOYEES AGED 36-45 . 37 FIGURE 8 ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING EMPLOYEES AGED 46-55 . 38 FIGURE 9 COMPARITIVE STUDY OF ATTRIBUTES AFFECTING ALL AGES . 39 Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 5 Impact of Workplace Design Chapter 1 All pass is seed sown. It grows and spreads, and sows it ego afresh Thomas Carlyle Abstract Workplace normal in the hospitality heavens has begin a real master(prenominal) phenomenon multitude do non moreover wish to see a luxurious front of the domiciliate besides overly an amazing underpinrest beating.Workplace does non hardly intend to external and architectural innovation, it too in its folds c e real(prenominal)places the topics standardised motivation, wellness, supervisory support, environsal concerns, tuition and intermitment etc. This project deals with agniseing straightlaced oeuvre design as a calamus for improving on the descent operation of an employee. The interrogati iodiner plans to consider a interrogation on al some of the employees running(a) in the nutrition and beverage de bumpment of Taj palace Delhi to comprehend which im coife of school affects them the roughly and till what extent.The project to a fault involves fishing gear structured interviews with professionals at steep designation in the industriousness and what is their sire on the grandness of graze environs as an overall transmit maker. The objective is to completely understand piece of reach modeling and how spheres in the comparable usher out make it kick downstairs in the future. 1. Introduction In the ever-changing creative activity of right a vogue where luxury and fashion make up for eighty to ninety percent of emotional content in an individual, people expect for fashionable and comfortable cipher places also.The look intoer aims to study piece of work attri scarcelyes in the hospitality industry and its affect on, on the calling conduct of the employees The seeker while operatives leave adopt contingency orientation, he pull up s divvy ups aim to understand that shapingal behaviour/on the cable behaviour is complex and is driven by a lot of factors. No two employees ar a deal and different situations heart and soul different to each(prenominal) and e rattling individual. Managers in that respectfore moldiness learn to adopt work policies that repartee non only the grievances of some but wins solutions for the problems of the many. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 6 Impact of Workplace Design The detective aims to follow a tether point rile code while achieving objectives for the accustomed topic. ? Identifying the shakes of current behaviour th vehement a questionnaire digest on work and its attributes ? ? Sidelining strategies that would process mitigate current causes of disengagement stud y the impact of change use for the comparable Managing study and workforce in the twenty beginning-year century is all about embracing a change. In many ship chiffonieral the pedigree of the study is to perform the aforementi superstard(prenominal) functions as it performed earlier which is to manage, activate and squ be off employees.Current scenario is that, the studys first moment from the employee is the same but the employees expectation from the workplace has changed drastically. The complex mannikin of social, personal, milieual, divagational and technological changes that direct interpreted place recently makes the t direct of managing workforce and designing workplace point more challenging. Someone ripely quoted Managing on the personal credit line behaviour nowa twenty- quaternity min periods is like pushing wet uphill using a rake (Anonymous, n. d. ). Time is short and jeopardize argon high. Corporate ar running a race to come across perfect face value amidst their competition.Companies that manage their workforce well play higher returns on productiveness. After all, a lot weighs on the let on of a gild. Recently many companies have focused their attention towards IT they touch technology gives them an added advantage since it evolves rapidly. Managers lay to rest that technology toilette only r bely provide an organization with a competitive advantage but in the end, it is the people that matter. Research has also shown that coronation in IT workers pays greater dividends than investment in hardw ar or softw ar.When employees quit they are non sledding their theorises, they are difference their workplace. in that respectfrom a great workplace melodic line creates a fall apart on the cable line transaction thereby creating a cadre of the finest productive workers. Products lav easily be aped but not the workplace on which the productiveness and behaviour of the human resource depend so an organiza tions greatest competitive advantage is its own workplace and the behavior of its Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 7 Impact of Workplace Design employees in the workplace.Implementing methods for the im liftment of a workplace should be the first and foremost decision of any company. This is wherefore companies like CISCO, Harley Davidson and Merek are different they invest in manpower more than any some other attribute. They understand the importance of work and workplace systems alike. One must know that implementing a straightforward steering strategy is easy but what real counts is what the management does in difficult times when on the speculate behaviour is not beloved and there are high rate of employee attrition and abseintism. . 1 Research Question ? Is On the Job conduct influenced by workplace design? 1. 2 Subsidiary Questions ? ? Would a give way on the line of products performance affect organizational productivity? wherefore have no strong laws in workplace d esign been implemented in the onetime(prenominal) twenty years? ? Will factors like culture setting, performance feedback, role congruity, defined processes, workplace incentive, supervisor support etc influence On the job behavior of an employee? ? Have there been im nurturement trends in workplace design? 1. Aim of the study The aim is to analyze the proceeding of the Workplace attributes on the employees On the job behavior by perform a structured research in the solid food and Beverage department of Taj Palace Delhi. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 8 Impact of Workplace Design 1. 4 Purpose of the study Workplace and jobs have become a complex phenomenon in at onces times. Employees immediately have a jumbo material body of alternatives and selections at their disposal and whence workplace becomes a crucial factor for tutelage or leaving the job.It is autocratic that an Employees working surround is well kept and kept up(p) because ultimately the workplace surround is what defines on the job behaviour and employee motivation. How well an employee adapts to his psychotic personlogical, psycho motive, desire and health factors at his workplace bequeath determine his workplace behaviour, productivity and errors. Through this research the detective aims to attempt the relation between workplace factors and on the job behaviour of the employee thereby cosmos able to prove that workplace design factors unquestionably impacts on the job performance of an employee. . 5 Limitations and domain of the study Broad research in this field would knead about information collection complications. The research only analyses the entropy collect from a few employees in the food and beverage department. The semi structured interviews pass on also not show the larger picture as different people have different opinions about their own workplace, to some the workplace seems perfect to others it may require a lot of change.Although the study covers only a s mall department in one legal professionter unit of the hospitality sector research on this subject in the near future on a macro level would provide managers with an all new level of taking into custody in employee motivation and workplace design. The research quarter be widen to hotels resorts or even company policies. 1. 6 Dissertation Structure The initiative chapter, the Introduction substantially covers the topic of the research and a brief on its relevance to the industry straight off.The chapter summarizes the approach of the tec and the surmise and other objectives. The chapter speaks of limitations and scope of this dissertation in the next decade. It also covers some of the questions that the researcher will analyze during the course of this project. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 9 Impact of Workplace Design The 2nd chapter, the books review forms the basis of the dissertation. It carries a vivid description of each of the workplace attributes, their current scen ario in the industry, prior research and the researcher valuable critique.The literary productions review provides a structure to the dissertation and also helps to prepare a structure for the data analysis and research methodology. The Literature review also decides the scope for future research on the presumption topic. The 3rd Chapter, the research methodology deals with the marrows the researcher has taken to obtain the desired data to conclude his hypothesis. It also gives a comparative understanding of how the researcher has represent the models for analysis and what was the approach.The 4th Chapter, the data analysis contains the conducted interviews and the analysis of the data collected from the employees in the form of a structured questionnaire, the chapter has the analysis of the data which proves the researchers hypothesis and also answers the subsidiary questions as given on the first chapter The fifth Chapter, conclusion and recommendation summarizes the dissert ation and the results of the analysis. It has the critique of the researcher on the alert procedures and how they can be changed in the near future to succeed majuscule results.The chapter also provides a valuable insight into how future research can be conducted for the same Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 10 Impact of Workplace Design Chapter 2 (Literature Review) When people go to work, they shouldnt have to leave their hearts at home. -Betty Bender 2. 1 Overview It has eer been argued that distraction, lack of interest, poor decisions and high absence are the study causes of employee disengagement but what organizations rattling forget are that these factors might be just the symptoms the root cause may be really different (Slade, 2010).Recent scenarios also indicates that subtle productive changes in the workplace milieu today really reduce employee absenteeism and attrition, which in turn improves on the job performance thereby impacting productivity in a actually po sitive way (Roeloefsen, 2002). Today it has been proven that employee joy is without delay proportional to job satisfaction, which is straightaway dependent on the working surround. Workplace factors are a major(ip)(ip) catalyst in productivity and on the job performance of an employee.In fact, research has focused on ergonomics or biomechanics because of workers demands for more comfort at the workplace ( tumesces, 2000). Theorists believe that e realone seeks a balance between what one puts into his work and what one expects to get out of it. Most of the time one tends to contrast his own situations with that of other employees in the market place, before he actually decides to work with a grouchy organization (Adams, 1963). In the recent past the nature of employee and employer relations has actually been distorted because of the changes in job structures and way of biography. in that location are a number of companies in the market and therefore not only employees but emp loyers also involve to focus on their conduct to make a mark in the business. Higher salaries and relegate energises may seem the most obvious way of change magnitude an employees on the job performance but this is influenced by other beta factors that admit work motivation, culture and development opportunities, forcible, psychological and psychomotive factors (Leblebici, 2012). Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 11 Impact of Workplace DesignMa torpids hierarchy of adopts theory argued that the measure of anthropogenic stances to work was slowly and steady being extended to workplace and work environment as well for understanding human psychology and motivate factors. The study mixed synthesizing success stories of exemplary people like Einstein, Roosevelt, Douglas and Adams rather than studying the so called neurotic or mentally ill. The model involved facial expression at human psychology from scratch sanctioned needs like food, water, lifestyle, love etc. Going step highe r, needs evolved to less basic ones like security, employment, morality, family etc.At further higher levels, needs were more exclusive and include a need for creativity, belonging, self-importanceesteem, motivation and culture. It was realized that if all these factors were well taken care of in a workplace environment, they would boost the on job performance of the individual , which would reflect on the squad thereby boosting productivity on a whole (Janet A Simons, n. d. ). McGregors theory on the contrary involved classifying workers as X or Y elements, where the X elements are idle, destructive and redundant and require motivation and training to do work them up to speed with work and business.Elements Y on the other hand, are selfmotivated workers flushed with creativity, who actually make up the strong pillars of the business and require less support as comparingd to the element X. McGregors theory differs from Maslows theory where he states that it is the worker who shou ld be motivated. According to him, the workers should have a positive relation with the workplace to ensure all psychological and self actualization needs are being fulfilled for better performance and productivity. Stuart, 2010) Finally differing from all other theorists Herzberg found out that factors that were cause for concern were company policy, relation with the boss, working conditions, salary and relationship with peers. On the other hand , the factors that kept them motivated were achievement, recognition, business as usual, responsibility , overture and growth, which again colligate the theory of Herzberg to Mcgregor and Maslow (Anonymous, n. d. ) Therefore it may be tell that a workplace is the result of various decisions, feelings and emotions working together in a close and cohesive work environment.So to actually determine what is it that actually impacts on the job performance of an employee. The researcher will look into biomechanics which has been a very recen t breakthrough in research better termed as biotech at workplace. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 12 Impact of Workplace Design 2. 2 ergonomics Today Ergonomics or imagination in workplace procedures has become the hip word in the United states of America as the workplace is dismission through major changeovers during this specific era.The Modern Office unconscious process Council has even touch ond up to publish an article fashionably, entitled Ergonomics the outbreak of a newer discipline (Anonymous, n. d. ). The article though not very acclaimed has covered work-stations, work-environment, behaviors at work and many other gauzy issues that are generally overlooked while discussing on the job performance. The research brought together problems that had been collected and researched over a period of thirty years to prove that employers could actually boost employee on the job performance through workplace design.Thi research is mainly being focused on the employees reaction to workplace and workplace design. Working all day at a desk in an military position takes its toll on the eyes, neck and hands which are sometimes termed as Musculo Skeletal disorders or just now (MSDs) (Anonymous, 2010). Workplaces have today initiated lusty Work Practice Programs (HWPP), these programs provide a proper checklist for office ergonomic design and also help develop strategies to implement the same (Anonymous, 2010).A study conducted in 2000 also states that in the workplace today where technology has taken over a lot of the workplace infinite there should be supplementary breaks in between to reduce eye strain and over exertion of the eye muscles (Anonymous, 2007). Theorists have argued that the rate of production per industry per day has been increasing daily to maintain a competitive advantage in the market place. Technologies are being upgraded, work lifestyle is changing and most of importly, recreation time is being diminished. In such an environment, where hu mans are actually becoming synonymous to machines, the importance of rgonomics is paramount. If the principles of Ergonomics are not applied to the work task and tools, workers might go through idle emphasize and mental strain, which in turn decline on the job performance and have a negative impact on productivity as a whole. Recognizing the ergonomic factors in a workplace is the first step to recognizing the hazards related to workers on the job conditions. Engineers believe that removing physical es submit from the working environment could actually eliminate many serious work related injuries each year.Employers should learn to understand employee mindset and work design to make the workplace safer. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 13 Impact of Workplace Design Ergonomics can help reduce many (MSDs) while working in operations like hotels, as the work involves giving more than eight hours a day to operations. The process also helps incr go the productivity as it provides safer wo rking conditions that motivates the workers to work better in an environment. Ergonomics would also help decrease the absenteeism rates due to less MSDs and more energy among the work force.A workplace can substantially reduce turnovers if new recruits find their workplace properly designed to suit their mindset. Reduced expenses, resulting from a decrease in the rate of (MSDs) would require less cost for covering illness and lessen organization and personal medical costs (OSHA, 2000) OSHA also agues that Reducing Ergonomic Hazards at a workplace is probably the easiest of operations to perform. If one is an employer and his employees oft complain of ergonomic hazards, all he has to do is incorporate an ergonomics program in the foundation of his organization.The program should motivate employees to participate and should provide scope for valuable feedback to supervisors. The program should be checked regularly by the executive in charge to ensure foil and productivity. The pro gram at the end of the day should be successful and should be a proper training and development task for employees as well as employers (OSHA, 2000) Though from personal work aim it is powerfully believed, Employees in the Hospitality ndustry have an inner belief that it is the organizations outlook to provide them with safe, wholesome and balanced working conditions. Over a period of the past two years the researcher has completed successful working hour within the premises of three Hospitality strandments and has nowhere experience a proper Ergonomic design program in place. Apart from workplace design 58% of the employees strongly agree that the motivation factor is a major discipline if one wishes to measure the relation between job performance and workplace.Each and all employee feels that to assert and work happily in a working environment there are only two things of paramount importance, the first being workplace design which has been explained above by the researcher i n great particular and the other is Motivation factor. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 14 Impact of Workplace Design 2. 3 Workplace motivation Motivation recently has been a keen area of research among industrialists and psychologists as it impacts on the job performance of an Individual. It is being taken as a very serious process in a workplace.The begin of motivation for any personnel in any field of work is very simplex, he deserves to be inured fairly and with respect. On the job behaviour is a pure reflection of how one is treated within the organization. The second step to why motivation is an important fact is because motivation leads to a change in behaviour, which in turn decides changes in the productive aspect of the employee at workplace. Slowly but steadily managers in many concerns have started taking the concept of motivation seriously.The discernment of satisfaction in the workplace has been a very common natural event in the recent times and has been used as a to ol to measure employee well being and satisfaction in a particular department (Spector, 1997). General Research has shown that out of twenty candidates, seven privilege to go to work happily i. e. They are the category X employees harmonise to the X and Y theory. Ten employees have a feeling that they wish to remain neutral some days can be joyful and well other could be boring. The remaining three who are the Y candidates feel that their orkplace requires drastic improvements. There was a similar answer from all the candidates when they were questioned about appreciation, belonging, scope of improvement, salary, supervisor support goal setting and feedback. Therefore as gathered from work experience at a divers(a) number of workplaces, the general feeling is that workplace motivation is a very important aspect. If the behaviour of the supervisor or the senior does not motivate the employees at work then the employee tends to abhor their work leading to change magnitude abseint ism and attrition.The researcher feels that out of a ten hour work careen an employer must at to the lowest degree spend thirty minutes with his employees to quantify what they have done and what they should do in the near future to establish success in their working methods. An employer should be able to successfully develop a sense of confidence and optimism in his employees. The employer should also once in a while allow the employees to volunteer for tasks that are beyond their abilities so that even the failure can help generate self learning through a method of retrograde training.Apart from this the researcher also feels that an employer must successfully be able to map his employees goals and aspirations to help them achieve the same through directed learning and development opportunities. Apart from all this the general feeling is that beyond motivation a good supervisor at the workplace is also an important factor for retaining and satisfying employees. Varun Sahgal (H- 18095) Page 15 Impact of Workplace Design 2. 4 Supervisory Support Today Supervisors are a very important factor in the workplace.They are epitomes of knowledge and mediums of effective feedback for employees who are working under them (Durham CC, 1997). The level of supervisory support is directly proportional to the teams introduced in workplace today. A supervisor today should be able to comprehend the mood of the individual and the team and work accordingly. With increasing number of team members under a supervisor the need for traditional support reduces. Today a supervisor is expected to hold the qualities for performing diverse roles as with changing scenarios the rolls of different teams.With the drastic changes in the environment it is necessary that the supervisor is chosen before the contingent team is prepared and his behaviour and bearing towards his work must be assessed before-hand so as to give a complete sense of satisfaction to all employees as theorized by (Tann enbaum SI &038 JA, 1996). A supervisors major focus should be on the job elicitment practices for his subordinates, feedback and training. This will help bring about a change in the employees behaviour, motivating him to redesign the workplace.A supervisor must allow an employee to learn from mistakes rather than remove feeding and directing each and every time as there is a line of research that states that autonomy without doubt is the best form of learning (Parker Sk, 1998). Sometimes theorists do say that leadership and supervision have a lesser impact on satisfaction but that does not mean it has no impact at all. Supervisory support has critically been recognized as an imperative process for continuous development of new teams on the aspects of satisfaction. BM, 1997) The effect of supervisory support on employee satisfaction is an attribute which has scarcely been researched over time. What really matters is the ability of the supervisor to stay within a team and work as an equal and at the same time being able to stand out from the rest in some unique way or the other such that, he is successfully able to motivate and supervise the employees he has to lead. No supervisory support is complete without a super workplace design. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 16 Impact of Workplace Design . 5 Designing the new workplace Today on the job behaviour is becoming an important aspect of workplace productivity, architects and internal designers have been working hard to provide employees with the most exquisitely graven workplaces possible. But the time has come to look beyond architectural innovation because (Jusko, May,2000) says that a study conducted in office design and workplace check over in some of the best offices in the US states that most of the managers gave working conditions a grade c.Hence, it was proved that there are some things beyond architectural design that prompted workers to do well, which were none other than wellness and recreation desi gn Healthcare expenditure is soaring high, there is a definite need for reducing hospital and sickness costs in each and every organization. The United States of America and the European nations have take structured wellness programs in their office design (Kutler, 2010). Research wide shows that prevention of injury and disease decrease working cost by $3. 47 per employee per day.This average return on investment clearly highlights the fact that incorporation of wellness programs within an organization would help profits greatly and would positively influence on the job performance with reduced health concerns, injury and cost of treatment Theorists believe a key factor of human resource is to promote employee satisfaction thereby promoting customer satisfaction. Referring to Maslows triangle , it can be easily seen that a sense of belonging, friends, culture, team work, co-worker support and supervisor support, games and recreation make an important part of an employees self-act ualization needs.Workplace recreation and design is very evident in organizations that bring together people and processes and its introduction into the hospitality sector is a passing necessary evil. The question to ponder over is why again is a recreational design necessary at a workplace? The answers though are pretty simple. Today Recreational activities provide a form of intrinsic reward, a sense of self satisfaction from within, which boosts employee motivation. Participation in recreational activities and retreats, help put a balance between work and life.Recreational activities that require participation of rung teams provides scope for individual behaviour and attitude feedback. Recreation in a way helps an employee connect his aspiration to his organization and last but not the least, recreation provides the best forum for self development (Mokaya, february,2012) Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 17 Impact of Workplace Design So, when it comes to linking recreation and health with on the job performance it has been well seen that both help in strengthen the social bond between customer and employee.They help in developments of skills like leadership, team work and communication, which are invaluable assets for the service industry. The activities also provide a good social forum for discussion and understanding of topics like goals, vision and mission of the organization and future endeavors it also provides scope for innovation and brain storming at work, coupled with increased friendship and cohesiveness among the faculty.Other than wellness and recreation Work stress is also a major cause of not liking ones workplace so to provide a better relationship among staff and employers it is necessary also to act upon the concept of workplace flexibility. 2. 6 Flexibility at workplace Today flexibility means defining how and when a work is done and how does one organize his occupational group in such a critical way that there is change workplace effectiven ess. Companies use workplace flexibility as a major tool for managing, customizing, recruiting, retaining and strategizing workforce load as said by (E. Friedman, 2002).There have been several studies in this field that have successfully been able to prove that flexibility has a major role in reducing stress, increasing effectiveness and improving performance. Flexibility at workplace can be of many types depending on what the work demands and how the superior wants to maximize the amount of work done by a particular employee. Today Traditional flextime at a workplace allows employees to choose their own times of coming and leaving the office such that their times will be surrounding the time of core operating hours and the work meted out to them should be done.Employees are given a certain amount of time in a week to complete their work for e. g. the employee is to work ten hours a day for four days a week or has to complete eighty hours of work over a period of nine days and so on and so forth (E. Friedman, 2002). Many companies also do offer a concept better known as summer hours, i. e. , increasing an hour per day and completing the time allotted before the designated day, to apply for an unneeded off. Theorists believe that Flexibility is many times wrongly termed as an employee perk whereas it is only a tool to successfully manage employee on the job behaviour/performance.Its importance is such that it can be used over a range of managerial jobs and at different levels of the hierarchy. Most importantly it is a precise tool and should only be applied only Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 18 Impact of Workplace Design where the management feels apt to do so, everyone cannot ask for flexibility and not all jobs can be given flexibility. There are instances wherein on a permanent job an employee can be provided flexibility for a temporary period to boost his morale so as to help him change his outlook towards his work (E.Friedman, 2002). It is imperative tha t a company realizes the problem it wants to deal with, using the tool of flexibility. It is wise always to look into flexibility issues of comparable companies before such a step is taken to boost employee esteem. The company should conduct internal studies and should actually be completely sure about the attitudes of the personnel for whom they are allowing flexibility as the companys entire working schedule will be centered on flexibility.Going by what theorists say, coping with flexibility is also not an easy factor so it is always better if the supervisors of a company are better train to monitor staff that are on the table and are trained to calculate output from a flex orient workforce and last but not the least, a company should make its staff well aware of the continuing improvements and should regularly appreciate staff who have done well on a flexi schedule through accolades and newsletters.Though flexibility is not a very common answer to problems in the Hospitality s ector as it is a very human point industry, what can actually become the solution is concentrating on improving the health of an employee. 2. 7 Health Factors and Wellness Program change on the job behaviour Today a workplace is viewed from the health perspective, research so farthest has looked into workers health in two aspects, the former being do organizations today promote wellness and health programs for workers?And the latter being ar healthy workplaces also the ones which are more productive? The first question generally covers human resource, employee motivation, hazard free environment, wellness programs, supervisor support, training and development. The latter question though here is significantly more important for this particular research as it is looking into improvements in on the job performance of a worker in the organization. Looking at a very three dimensional view of the situation, the answer to the latter appears to be more qualified and complex.Organizati ons are slowly incorporating workplace wellness programs in their work schedule but actually translating the measure of wealth to on the job productivity is a very difficult task that is demand to be accomplished. The research on this front appears to be very faint-hearted because in the service industry where work is supposed to be inconspicuous, the industry has shown graphs of deteriorating worker Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 19 Impact of Workplace Design health and wellness because of the amount of hard work required and less time available for ones own self.One must identify the gaps in the health environment of a workplace and should aim to understand the synergistic set up of certain health promotion exercises by combining psychology with job behaviour to research factors like motivation, productivity , sickness ,absenteeism , leave and other psycho social outcomes that can be measured through wellness studies conducted on the job. Organizations must invest in a healthier w orking environment and employee care as it will no doubt increase productivity and will be a smart investment in damage of future returns.It is highly imperative that employees coordinate with employers for such programs and understand the effects of team related, work related and family related healthcare. But then again by incorporating better technology also, one can reduce the stress on the Human workforce of the industry. 2. 8 The impact of technology on, on the job behaviour Technology has not only changed the workplace today but has also become the lifeline of success of any company. The world has changed after the advent of fax, internet, Wi-Fi, e mail and holograms. Technology is upgrading itself each minute and will continue upgrading itself at a solid rate.Imagining work without access to technology is unimaginable. Technology has not only changed the lives of the physically able but has also given equal power to the disabled to compete and even be more productive than n ormal. With the advent of technology, more and more physically challenged people are entering the business today that probably earlier, just had one or two survivals. Before technology the differently abled could only earn from supplement programs of the government or could attend training and train in schools for the challenged, but their life was neither challenging nor productive.The knowledge of assisting devices how they work and how easily they can be serviced, has empowered the physically challenged to reach newer heights, today even they can be workers, coworkers, self-earning individuals and most importantly with technology boosting their self-esteem, they have become successful and productive employees of today. Theorist believe Whether disabled or not , technology will continue to assist individuals in a job where precision and time management are required, and before connection a job the employer Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 20 Impact of Workplace Design s very much r iddled with questions about what technology will the employee be using and can the technology be remodeled as per his convenience of use (Cohn, 2000). Therefore it is imperative that technology keeps changing so that work becomes easier as ease of work is another incentive/tool to improve on the job performance and quality of service. Before we close the topic of technology, we must not forget that a very simple technology that has been around for the past few years is the one on which the foundation of every successful business industry is based is the e-mail, which is viable proof that technology is a earnest need.Though technology is indispensable, policy makers in every country should take an important stride to maintain on the job wellness and a healthy workplace environment. A healthy environment is the first installment of better and greater future returns and for that technology must go hand in hand with the Environmental concerns of Today. 2. 9 Environmental concerns regar ding Workplace design Environment issues at workplace should be a growing concern for any company today after the green laws and threat to the ozone layer.Apart from all this it also affects employee performance and on the job behaviour. Who would like to work in an office with bad ventilation and the smell of asbestos around? An infected work environment is a health issue it not only decreases productivity but also has a direct impact on employee health do diseases like asthma, claustrophobia and lung infections. This in turn again increases employee absenteeism and health costs of the company. The Employers should take necessary travel to ensure a healthy work environment.The organization should maintain and keep to the guidelines provided by OSHA and EPA to maintain cost effective ways of managing work environment and reduce absenteeism and attrition to influence on the job behaviour and employee productivity. Theorists argue that employees should also understand greater conce rns related to the environment when they are working in a service industry where 75 to 80 percent of the hazardous generated is biodegradable and can be managed simply by doing CSR initiatives and nonprofit work.Restaurants generate around seventy to eighty kilos of nutriment waste per day. If a company plans successfully, the food waste can safely be disposed off to NGOs for the poor as a CSR initiative which would give employees a sense of belonging and saving grace and Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 21 Impact of Workplace Design would motivate them to innovate on better and unique methods of waste disposal for the greater good and environmental concern.The campaign for bringing in environmental concerns while studying employee productivity is the simple fact that waste should be eliminated in the surroundings where it is generated then only is it said that the company follows a policy of successful waste management. Therefore, every company should have a method of connecting wit h the experts for complete understanding of environmental concerns relating to a guest service industry. Proper training and development sessions on how to manage cleanliness and environment around and in the workplace should be well followed by employers.The employees should be trained in the art of environment management by their given organization. After discussing every aspect of workplace design one must not forget that an Employees reason for discord may also be underperformance which also sadly makes up a large part of the workplace design. 2. 10 Managing underperformance Workplace is marked by disappointing work performance or the failure to comprehend and act on the tasks which are to be done by the individual in the position of power he holds.The reasons clearly stand to be a high degree of non compliance with workplace policies and/or rules, unacceptable behaviour from peers at workplace and disruptive or attitude clashes with bosses or superiors. Apart from this the rea sons that are more importantly missed while carrying out a feedback are an employees problem in understanding what is expected, his incapability to perform in the given position due to a mismatch between job profile and skill set, lack of regular counseling thereby paralyzing the employee technically, family issues, do drugs abuse and work culture.It has been frequently argued that dealing with underperformance has always been challenging for employee and employer alike. Managers with semiformal education require the 5Cs to deal with underperformance which relatively are character, commitment, conviction, courtesy and fearlessness (Khera, 1998). It is crucial to resolve underperformance problems in the location where they arise. Not necessarily does every underperformance issue require a structured approach but the mind must always be free to explore additional options.Employers must remember in all contexts that underperformance affects a work environment adversely. Varun Sahgal ( H-18095) Page 22 Impact of Workplace Design There exists certain incapability among managers to identify the source of underperformance and then assess it successfully. Never has one seen all companies perform at the same level and if they would have, the existence of competition would not have been a paramount feature hence it is important to understand who controls the situation and who manages the workforce. 2. 1 The people involved After discussing all the attributes involved in a workplace design that lead to positive on the job performance, one must not forget the major question of who should be involved in the major processes. An article published by (Frenburg, 1985) stated that flexibility, health, environment, recreation and motivation impacted on the job performance as it involved a sense of well being and belonging in an employee. The researcher also found that whatever gaps were left in progressive work design was the lack of consultation between employee, employer and w orkplace designer.It is undoubtedly very clear that a workplace benefits more from staffs who are motivated and trained and understand who the boss is. Effective performance management individuals can create better employees and better effectiveness at workplace. Non compliance with workplace issues, thoughtless behaviour and hostility in the workplace environment leads to leadership, teamwork and managing the workplace issues. It is archaic that an employee knows what is expected from him. Many a times it has been seen that for all the processes mentioned above, there are as such no ground rules laid down by the department to help employees with the same.Unless employees are made to understand that they are underperforming, it is very difficult for them to actually understand that they are underperforming (government, n. d. ). It is essentially required that the degree HR managers and executives , properly look into the tasks mentioned above so that proper coordination is mainta ined and all the processes followed very closely and carefully Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 23 Impact of Workplace Design Chapter 3 (Research Methodology) 3. Approach The researcher has adopted a mix of three-figure as well as qualitative approaches to carry out this particular study. The Qualitative analysis involves the primitive research which draws inferences from the working environment and its effect on the employees in the food and beverage department of the Taj Palace Delhi. The alternative research of this analysis involved conducting literature reviews through thorough study of journals, books and websites to get a global understanding of employee and employee workplace to substantiate the ancient research.The quantitative approach involved conducting a survey of thirty employees in the food and beverage department of the hotel, the questionnaires were distributed to equal number of men and women and were set-apart over a span of different age groups to understand how employees today feel about their workplace and what is the change they would like to see in that particular department or their working conditions in the near future.After which the researcher conducted semi structured interviews of certain industry personnel who have given sufficient amount of years to the industry and who can successfully compare and contrast the difference between workplace scenarios then and what change they have undergone now. 3. 2 The Research Question/Hypothesis Do workplace attributes affect on the job behaviour of an employee? 3. 3 Research design The primary design of the research is an empirical deductive research. The questionnaire data has been collected from thirty employees belonging to different societies and spread over different ages and genders.The qualitative data involves deducing data from semi structured interviews of hospitality industry professionals with sufficient experience of the topic. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 24 Impact of Workplace Design Chapter 4 (Results and Discussion) 4. 1 Interview 4. 1. 1 Mr. Avijit Sen, General Manager, Vesta Hotels Jaipur How critical is the physical work environment to office quadruplet designing today compared to when you began your work in the industry? Things were indeed very different when I began in the hospitality sector. The industry was still going through a phase of metamorphosis and things were very new.Then, every HM student was considered to be a waiter and a culinary guy rope a bawarchi. There was no defined workplace design as such, people were staunch followers of the phrase work is worship and no matter whatever be the condition work is our livelihood so good or bad pleasing or not so pleasing it did not matter. But yes things are very different now. lot are being judged on their overall efficiency more and more jobs are being replaced by technology and a small number of highly qualified individuals are required in a business unit. Workplace or the so called physica l environment of the employee has become an epicenter of change.Innovation and efficiency are todays mantra and are the keys to employee motivation. Everyone wishes to have an environment with his own physical space. There has been more stress on scientific design lately to suite the body and physical needs of employees and with boil becoming more and more costly, one has to design to retain. When did you first begin to realize that the work environment or the workplace itself has started affecting your on the job behaviour? Well to be very honest, it was not very tough to realize that. When you are at the level of assistant managers you are young in the industry and the world seems to be a present of Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 25 Impact of Workplace Design unlimited possibilities. At that time when you are in the period of frequent transfers and property changes you seem to notice designs and patterns I am from a food and beverage background for me at least I knew that the desi gn of the bar or the restaurant definitely mattered. smash ambience better origination would not only please customer but also employee alike. The major difference always will be that some places the organization would have designed well at other places it would have not shown much interest so the working attitude really differs from place to place.I preferably found the Private hotels and their designs better and hence changed over from ITDC. Why do you feel that the industry is taking so long to incorporate workplace innovations even after realizing that it has a significant impact on the on the job behaviour? Unlike all other product oriented businesses which have been there from time senile the hospitality industry is relatively knew and mapping all aspects of its production is very difficult.Plus recent insights show that the hospitality industry is still in need of a lot of qualified professionals Workplace design though essential is a very hi-fi concept, the education syste m in India is definitely not equipped to produce out of the box thinking individuals and that is why there are very few. It is not that the workplace engineering concept has not been introduced, the fact still is that hospitality professionals are still not mentally prepared to embrace the realities of the concept. If you precious to create the ideal workplace environment, what would you envision it to be if you were an employee?Honestly, if I were to view workplace as an employee, India is far from achieving the vision I have seen. Improvements are not only required in staff line motivation but also stand Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 26 Impact of Workplace Design Life in hospitality is fast paced, the job is demanding and work hours are eerie. In a scenario like this, employees are forced to come and change in a changing populate cramped with lockers that would not even hold two pair of suits. The washrooms of the back area are cramped and employees literally have to bend to accom modate.The turn tail beds placed for employees on night parole too are rough and uncomfortable When I began as an hotelier we had a few reputable properties of hospitality scattered in the regions of Delhi Madras and Bangalore and sadly when today hospitality is growing its staff sector is still underdeveloped. The resources are not proper and the facilities are scarce. What do you feel have been the most repetitive complains regarding workplace issues in the industry? Being a manger you face those complains in abundance, you can never categorize these complains as important or non important.Many of them are linked to issues I have already discussed with you in previous questions. I often get complains like the environment smell rancid, the cleaning in the back areas are, not proper. Technological failure, softwares not working. Then you will also not be surprised to find complains like space in washroom is not sufficient or the staff rooms are too claustrophobic. Lack of basic am enities and training programs and less motivational factors related to work. Office innovation or workplace change is actually the development of technological social and personnel aspects, what are your comments on this parameter?It is definitely that but a lot more is what I would like to say as I have mentioned every aspect in my answers above. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 27 Impact of Workplace Design 4. 1. 2 Mr. Akesh Bhatnagar, General Manager, Golkonda Hotel, Hyderabad How critical is the physical work environment to office space designing today compared to when you began your work in the industry? Interesting Question, you see physical work environment or office design now is like the rotation of the earth, there is day and there is night. Some changes occurred for the best and well others were not that successful.Office design was critical then and is critical now the only difference today is that people are more aware of what is expected of them. In the eighties when I was still in my twenties I remember the laws of transparency at work and overtime were not strict. People could get outside(a) with anything and everything and honestly we did not bother much we did what our elders had done, we were told work was for a living and it had to be done come what may. Today though things have taken a drastic turn with people today aping the west and with more flexibility in laws and awareness employees tend to choose their own workplace.If it is good and up to their level of comfort they will do the job and if not its not their cup of tea, so today office space design has actually become a mirage of what the employee wants to see. It is his job and his way. When did you first begin to realize that the work environment or the workplace itself has started affecting your on the job behaviour? Well it is actually hard to rally but if you ask me personally, I would say I realized it when I was training with ITDC on a banquet operation. I remember I had a very g rumpy supervisor who would snap at us every time we moved a glass from here to there.It was actually intimidating the way he would actually direct us in each and everything how to walk, how to talk and how to serve, what to say and what not to say. One must understand that people do not like that. They prefer an environment that gives the ease of working not overstress them From there on I started assessment my workplace by how my peers were, how my colleagues were, how well kept my workplace was and most importantly whether I can expect to get back what I put in. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 28 Impact of Workplace DesignWhy do you feel that the industry is taking so long to incorporate workplace innovations even after realizing that it has a significant impact on the on the job behaviour? Well Varun, I do not know if you realize this or not but hoteliering is not the most happening profession in the world today. You will actually be surprised to know how many people keep this as a s econd option, honestly hoteliering was my second option too it was much later when I came face to face with my work that I realized it is not that bad after all. If you see figures the industry is actually in need of more than twenty thousand meliorate professionals but alasPeople with brains either become engineers or doctors or join other professions with other noble roots. There is a paucity of skilled personnel in this industry and people knock on the doors of this profession when they have realized that they do not stand a chance elsewhere. People like you that is if hotels was your first option are really hard to come by so you know bringing in an innovation which few seem to understand feels like a waste of time so the process of workplace change though slow seems even more redundant because of the lack of skilled people for its execution.If you wanted to create the ideal workplace environment, what would you envision it to be if you were an employee? Well if I were to envi sion my work place I would see myself sitting on a chair that floats above the ground and be able to move in an out through walls unnoticed eat sleep work and enjoy when I want. Jokes apart, I am just trying to say that there can never be one vision. The vision of workplace for every person changes with the change in his seniority and his mindset.When I was at the Front office manager I wanted a bigger desk today when I am a General Manager I want a bigger and much more technologically better office What one envisions to see will always be steps away from reality, so if you wish to sum up what each and every one of us in this industry wants it would just be heaven. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 29 Impact of Workplace Design What do you feel have been the most repetitive complains regarding workplace issues in the industry? Well when you talk of complains in this industry they are more like tantrums of kid.It is like when the kid wants something he wants it without even realizing whet her or not the company would actually be able to provide him with the same. I get complains like the staff washroom is to small or we need better lockers or the work hours are killing or sir, I did not get my designated of and last but not the least my supervisor and colleagues do not respect me. This world is a study of conflicts, people strive to achieve better and better. To people there will always be a scope for change so workplace design or change is like polishing a rhomb with each intricate cut it shines better and its value doubles.Maybe many of the complains do not have a solution but many also do but the irony is if you solve one they come up with upgraded versions of previous complains so you have got to keep improving yourself so that you can face the challenges of the future. Office innovation or workplace change is actually the development of technological social and personnel aspects, what are your comments on this narration? Definitely, very truly spoken becaus e work and its outcomes depend mainly on personal social and technological aspects, enhancing all of the above would definitely enhance productivity. . 2 Structured Questionnaire Analysis A structured questionnaire was provided to thirty staff members selected randomly from the food and beverage department of Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi. The questionnaire involved rank workplace as an important attribute affecting job satisfaction and on-job performance on a scale of one to five, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. After the data was collected, it was analyzed for the importance placed to different attributes with regards to the employees job satisfaction and on-job performance.An average of the Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 30 Impact of Workplace Design data submitted by all participants of the study was calculated and a bar chart was generated as follows. Attributes of Job Satisfaction 5 4. 5 4 3. 5 3 2. 5 2 1. 5 1 0. 5 Attributes 2. 6 2. 6 3. 7 4. 4 4. 1 3. 9 3. 6 3. 6 3. 7 3. 7 4. 1 4. 2 4 4. 5 3. 8 4 4. 5 0 Figure 1 The analysis of this questionnaire presented to employees of different ages and working at different levels in the Food and Beverage Department of The Taj Palace Delhi yielded very interesting results.Looking at the bar chart from the average of all attributes of work and workplace design , it is by nature seen that Learning Opportunity, Promotion, Motivation and Workplace Architecture play a major role in employee satisfaction, which in turn is known to be directly proportional to the on the job behaviour of the employee. Many employees have also marked Wellness Programs and Job Security as important reasons for retaining a job. The analysis also included ideas collected from, The Restaurant Manager, supervisors, the stewards and also management trainees working in the department.The questionnaire by design was circulated to an equal number of manly and female employees in the study. Varun Sahgal (H-18095) Page 31 Impact of Work place Design Next, the researcher segregated the study findings by gender to see if any deviations occurred in the result. It was realized that different workplace attributes motivated male and female employees differently. presumption below is a Bar chart of the attributes that the male employees considered essential for job satisfaction. 5 Job Satisfaction Attributes for Male 4. 7 Employees 4. 1 3. 4 3. 8 3. 7 3. 4 2. 8 2. 5 4. 1 4 4 4. 2 4. 2 4. 2 4. 1 4 4. 5 4 3. 5 3 2. 5 2 1. 5 Attributes(M) 1 0. 5 0 Figure 2 It was clearly noticed that for male employees working in the Food and Beverage department of The Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi that what motivates them the most is the physical attribute of workplace, which includes working desk and back area design. Workplace architecture is closely followed by job security, training and development, motivation while attr

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Arthur Andersen Essay

In rove to offer mellow-quality be operate, Arthur Andersen (AA), a Northwestern accounting professor started a melodic line to offer services to clients promoting integrity and sound size up opinions over higher light-run internet. The lodges four cornerstones was good service, quality audits, well-managed staff, and pay for the unfaltering. Their dodge was to focus on quality and high standards of audits earlier than profits, a in truth successful strategy that led to consistent growth over the days.Environmental, strategic, and organizational tiltsIn de subscribe the optimal architecture for a given loyal, grocery store conditions, technology, and government regulation should be taken into consideration as these ar in-chief(postnominal) factors and determinants of strategy. At the top is bulletproofs orthogonal backing environment which comprises of technology, markets, and regulations only of which feeds down strategy, organizational architecture, ince ntives and actions, and crocked mensurate.In enunciate to focus on generating red-hot pipeline and cut costs AA choose a new strategy which involved evaluating its partners on how much new business they brought to the mansion. This newly espouse strategy made it more roughly the numbers and qualification money. In order to reduce the costs they needed partners to retire at the age of 56 years. With this strategy it led to the increase emphasis on revenue growth as well as expense reduction.There were new partners that flush to the top, Steve Samek, a prominent typeface of a partner that was able to turn a $50,000 audit fee into a $3 million audit encounter. Although some rose to the top, such a policy it led to fewer experienced auditors and fewer partners overseeing audits and signing off on inaccurate fiscal statements for companies that overstated revenues collect to ill-timed write off of as clips.An opposite prominent change indoors the sure was when an Ande rsen engineer, Joseph Glickauf, demonstrated that computers were able to automate bookkeeping records. This was noned to be a monumental change in the partnership and allowed the company to enter the consulting business in 1954. They were able to help their clients automate their accounting records and they were able to bring out the largest technology practice of any accounting firm.The firms external environment was similarly changing in 1930s as the federal official government choose new laws that required humanity companies to submit their financial statements to an independent auditor every year. Added regulations led increased revenues during this period and helped with the firms reputation and growth.In 1998 when Samek became the managing partner he formulated a new strategy the 2X performance evaluation system which included advice on how partners should empathize with clients. Along with fashioning organizational architecture changes he excessively changed the cultur e by making the countersink code a relaxed and adopted a new logo that in corporald a acclivity sun.Enrons Audit due to a few bad partnersArthur Andersen began auditing Enrons books in 1986. Early 2001 Enron was considered the premier energy company with a market pass judgment of equity of approximately $75 billion and such a high market value meant that it was important to pay close attention to the books of Enron since in that location is heavy reliance on the auditors opinion. Enrons escort fees accounted for just a small portion of AAs revenues but approximately of the revenues came from a Huston office that was set up in Enrons Huston furnish with the partner David Duncan.In evaluating Andersens claim that their problems on the Enron audit were due to a few bad partners I would disagree because of the close birth that the two companies dual-lane along with a poorly developed organizational architecture. The Huston headquarters had over 150 Andersen professionals on sit e that seemingly knew or were aw atomic number 18 of the accounting scandal but chose to ignore it. victor nous and independence also was not practiced as noted in that location were so many people in the Huston office with their fingers in the Enron pie if in that location was an auditor who did not want sign off on an audit they would be fired.This was not the provided crisis that AA was involved in which made outsiders questioned their practices and dismiss their claim. There were lawsuits against Arthur Andersen. Prior to the Enron scandal AA had settled a dispute with the Securities and permutation Commission paying more than $7 million for accounting and auditing crap of Waste Management Corporation. Additionally, the due south sued an Andersen lead partner on the sunray Corporation audit.These crises along with their claim that their problem with the Enron audit was due to a few bad partners was merely the impression of an unsound organizational anatomical structu re along with policies and practices that the firm implemented. The unsound organizational structure of Arthur Andersen changed the motivation of employees within the firm and changes within the firm over the years one of which was the honorarium of partners did not allow for integrity when work was being done for these public companies.What could have been done differently?The organizational architecture of Arthur Andersen seemed to have gone(p) a different route from what it was intended for and much of the success that Arthur Andersen was short term and partner based. Policies that were implemented led partners to engage in prankish acts to gain more business. Slowly their policies and practices became more about money rather than quality audits using the right protocols.Other than management who were involved in mischievous acts I would recreate or polish existing polices to realign it to their initial strategy which was to provide quality accounting services to clients and foster integrity and sound audit opinions over higher short-run profits. It is noted that an ill designed organizational architecture can result in poor performance and company failure and AA made somatic changes that changes their business environment and strategy which led to their collapse. Their flawed organizational architecture made it hard for new talent ( different than partners who were all about numbers) to be discovered. It became more about making your numbers so I would also design a system that allowed for inefficient management to be replaced by new talent who are not only about creating value for the firm but also to fill in gaps that whitethorn be in architecture.Andersen and multitask principle ingredient theoryIncentive conflicts existed at Arthur Andersen. At AA thither was management and partners that acted in their own self interest done maximizing their own utility at the expense of the other partners that was vested in the company. This also seemed to be a recurring problem that affected the company because on multiple occasions a partner was accused acting in their own self interest. Conflict of interest with alters the principal agent relationship also played a big part at the rise of the Enron scandal because a widespread concern among investors, regulators, and the public rose which whitethorn have motivated many AA professional on the Enron engagement to sign off on questionable accounting practices. Risky practices to attract short term benefits paved also paved the way for artifice and fraud.Relation between hard and soft portions of the firms collective cultureHard and soft elements break-dance known as the 7S modelling is a model of organizational effectiveness was developed at McKinsey &type A Co. Consulting firm in the 1980s. It proposes that there are seven factors within a firm that needs to be aligned and reinforced in order to be successful. Hard elements include structure, strategy and systems and the soft ele ments include divided up determine, skills, style and staff.Hard elements are influenced and identified by management. It is the formal architecture and primary determinant of a firms value. Soft elements on the other hand are those intangible elements that are influenced by corporate culture. AA for example organizational architecture, Samek tried to change the softer elements of AAs corporate culture. For example, the dress code was relaxed, the wooden doors at AAs office entrances were removed, and the firm adopted a new corporate logo, the rising sun. This gives the company a understanding of direction and motivation and serves as a means for communicating and reinforcing firm goals.According to this model it is required that there is a equilibrate between the hard and soft elements. As it relates to AA there was no good balance between both elements. At the pinnacle of this model are shared values a soft element which was a broken element that made the model hard to achieve at AA. There was no proper(a) defined corporate culture at AA so there was nothing to link how people will behave in the firm or to hold the architecture of the firm up. The concept of shared values should starts at highest level (i.e. partners of AA) and they should impregnate these values to their senior management who must(prenominal) then continue the process till it reaches first year hires. However, if wrong manner starts at the highest level the companies culture will be dishonored before it reaches first year hires and the will adopt the unethical behaviorIn addition to changing Andersens organizational architecture, Samek tried to change the softer elements of AAs corporate culture. For example, the dress code was relaxed, the wooden doors at AAs office entrances were removed, and the firm adopted a new corporate logo, the rising sun.Were actions at Arthur Andersen unique?There may have been certain environmental factors (i.e. impetuous competition), opportunities, o r lack of regulations and monitoring that may motivate other companies to partake in the same unethical decisions as AA. There may also be no telling whether or not other accounting companies practiced unethical decisions because they may be able to fall in conceal these unethical practices so it goes un notice. This situation was not unique to Arthur Andersen. The rigor of the scandal made it hard for AA to bounce back whilst other companies may have been able to resolve issues dealing with unethical behavior to diminish the severity and make it seem miniscule to the public.There is beyond no doubt that afterward the fall of AA and Enron that top accounting companies started to ensure that their practices and organizational structure was sound to prevent the same crises such as that of AA from misadventure to their company. As a top partner of another accounting firm during Andersens demise I would closely review practices of the firm, and closely embody articles and regulati ons released by the SEC, GAAP, and other regulatory agencies regarding auditing procedures. Lastly, I would also ensure that the proper protocols are followed regarding existing, new, or prior engagements (i.e. practicing independence, professional judgment or skepticism).SEC proposed regulations in 2000 to limit consulting work by accounting firmsLegislators were acting in the publics interest as they may have noticed that the proposed regulation was flawed and may have stirred up controversy in the securities market. The proposal was under scrutiny as it was noted to be fatally flawed and existing regulations passed were challenged as it was noted that a more active role needed to be taken in making changes in the measurement and reporting system in support of better information to foster better decisions making by corporations, investors and the government.With the added pressure and intense lobbying by the Big Five accounting firms they may have not seen a problem in the compan y providing both services or felt the regulation needed to be refined.Enforcing ethical standards because of Andersen scandalWhilst it may not have been the main reason for the AICPA to release a set of standards for the conduct of CPAs, the Arthur Andersen scandal certainly gave rise to the development of the Code of Professional Conduct. When scandals pertaining to audit of financial statements occur the first person to blame is the firm of the CPA on the audit engagement. The AA scandal has definitely heightened the publics awareness of the need for increased attention to all ethical business practices by professionals especially CPA who investors heavily rely on for their opinion.The AICPA is only to be blamed for not setting higher ethical standards for their members and making it a priority. They do not have control over unethical conduct of members but they can enforce and clearly state the ramifications. It is important to note that the firm that hires the CPA to perform ser vices should also instill their own code of conduct.Appointment of a new unmindfulness mesaRather than continuing to be self regulated after the scandal, the accommodation of an oversight climb on was necessary as they provide independent oversight of public accounting firms providing audit services. They register auditors, define, inspect, and enforce specific processes and procedures for conformism of audits as well as for quality control.Auditors of public accounting companies are inspected by the PCAOB not less than once every 3 years and except any deficiencies, the inspection report becomes public information after completion of an appeal period. The PCAOB further has authority to investigate and discipline violations of the Sarbanes Oxley mo, board rules, securities laws and professional standards.This oversight board will provides insight on all public accounting firms so investors are confident in relying on their opinions about a particular firms financial statement. The Sarbanes Oxley Act allowed more eyes from the outside to look in on the practices of these accounting firms.